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In The Valley of Marriage Part 3

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MPBS24/7 needs your donation to help us build a new facility where we can broadcast and stream our message to parts of the world where Christians are being murdered and terrorism is a thriving business.

MPBS24/7 approach to Christian killings and terrorism is to turn terrorist sympathizers and followers against their leaders by using the very same tool their leaders use to recruit them - teachings of the Islamic faith, economic empowerment, and hope for a better future through living and not through suicide with the promises of Heavenly rewards. Through their friends, neighbors, and family, MPBS24/7 is reaching out to the segments of the world population prone to committing these acts. MPBS24/7 is implementing behavior modification encompassing educational and spiritual self-improvement programs as alternatives to violence. Above all, it was 19 adults who, on Sept. 11, 2001, flew airplanes into office buildings killing more than 2,900 people. This was all done in the name of Allah. Islam is a peaceful faith. It is written in the Holy Quran, Chapter 3, verse 172: "Of those who answered the call of Allah and the messenger, even after being wounded, those who do right and refrain from wrong have a great reward." We can't accomplish this God-Ordained Task without your donation and prayers.

As Peter F. Drucker the greatest management theorist of our time puts it, "All great achievements start with small ideas. The future cannot be known. The only thing certain about it is that it will be different from, rather than a continuation of, today. But the future is as yet unborn, unformed, undetermined. It can be shaped by purposeful action... And the one thing that can effectively motivate such action is an idea -- an idea of a different..." method. By not daring to take the risk of making the new happen... "the world ...takes, by default, the greater risk of being surprised by what will happen..." next -- a nuclear attack by terrorists on the streets of America?

Re-educating, and Re-habilitating the Minds of Kids prone to terrorism is a task must be done. Here is a quote from J.K Hart "No child can escape his community. The life of the community flows about him, foul or pure; he swims in it, goes to sleep in it, and wakes to the new day to find it still about him. He belongs to it; it nourishes him, or starves him, or poisons him; it gives him the substance of life." PLEASE DONATE NOW FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND HUMANITY.

Our monthly worldwide online crusades are on the first and last
Saturday of every month. Go to:

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Philip Jegede Evangelistic Association is a 501(c)(3) Organization. Donations are Tax Deductible